Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A Magical, Movie-gal, Ceremony!

Happy October!  It's "Wedding Season" here in Florida, when the weather finally cools down, the torrential rains pretty much stop, and ceremonies can be held both outdoors and indoors!

I've got lots and lots of ceremonies this month, so this will be a short post -- but I just had to share a wonderful highlight video from Ingrid & Dwayne's amazingly beautiful ceremony at Disney's Wedding Pavilion in August!  Their ceremony had so many magical, personal touches that I'd have to post the entire ceremony for you to see them all -- but in respect for their privacy and the sanctity of their vows to each other, I'm just posting the highlights, so that you can see how a customized wedding ceremony is much different from a "typical" ceremony!

Ingrid and Dwayne are huge movie fans -- so listen carefully for the many movie references in their ceremony wording -- and watch their faces beam as those words are read!  Many of their guests may have thought that these were just ceremony words -- but they were much more!  And that's my goal as an officiant -- for your guests to enjoy your wedding ceremony, but for it to be truly special and meaningful for the two of you!  

Ingrid & Dwayne's Magical, Movie-gal, Wedding Ceremony

A special thanks to Bill Carnicelli of Unity Event Videography for this highlight video -- if you're looking for a wonderful videographer who's also an all-around great person, he's the one!  Here's a link to his website:  Unity Event Videography

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