Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Expect the Unexpected!

Outdoor weddings are wonderful -- however, one of the situations that can occur is an unplanned rainstorm -- or other weather condition that makes an outdoor ceremony an impossibility.  When I hear a couple is planning an outdoor ceremony, one of the first things I always ask them is if they have a "Plan B" in the event of a rainstorm.  Thankfully, in almost 35 years of officiating, this has hardly happened -- but last month, in spite of the drought we're having in Central Florida, we had a HUGE rainstorm just as Dawn & Justin's ceremony at DeBary Mansion was set to start!

Thankfully, at their rehearsal the day, before, we had practiced both inside and outside -- here's a rehearsal photo from where the ceremony was originally to be held.  DeBary Mansion is a beautiful, Victorian house that is a great place for a ceremony!

Well, with the torrential rains on their wedding day, I don't have to tell you that both the bride and groom were terribly upset -- Justin was pacing around with an unhappy look on his face, and Dawn was sitting in the limousine, crying.  We delayed the ceremony, hoping for the rain to clear up, but it just wasn't stopping.  

A decision was made to have the ceremony indoors, and I think everyone was pretty happy that we had the indoor practice the day before! The processional went smoothly, without a hitch.  A beaming Dawn walked down the aisle with her father, Justin's face was joyful, and the fact that they were going to be married made any rainy day disappointment evaporate!

Justin and Dawn had written their own vows, and had planned to read them to each other -- Dawn had said they would bring them to their ceremony on a piece of paper.  Knowing how things snowball prior to a wedding, I made a copy of their vows and pasted each of them to an individual piece of cardboard, and kept it in my folder, "just in case."  

Sure enough, when it came time to take their vows, Dawn whispered to me, "I don't have my vows," and Justin pulled out a very wet and soggy copy of his -- I don't have to tell you, they were both very happy when I pulled out my cardboard copies!

So, in spite of the rain and the fear that their vows would be lost, their ceremony was lovely, full of joy and laughter, and everything worked out beautifully. 

Congratulations, Justin and Dawn -- you are going to have a wonderful life together!

 P.S.  I must say, there's nothing like a man in a uniform!   :)