Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I LOVE what I do!

Yesterday, I received a surprise package from the UPS man!  I opened it up, and when I saw what was inside, it brought happy tears to my eyes -- it was a beautiful, stained/cut/pearlized glass jewelry box, from a couple I married on August 25th.  What made it even more incredible was the engraving on the top -- and the emotion behind it.

I truly love what I do -- and to receive this kind of acknowledgment is so very special.  Not to sound idealistic or flowery, but I truly do want to make every couple's wedding ceremony something that is uniquely theirs, and for them to be happy with what is being said as they are being married.  

It's wonderful that there are so many different types of weddings, so that each couple can have what they desire the most.  Each couple is different -- and what is most important to me as an officiant is their joy as they are married.  After all, the ceremony is the very beginning of their married life together -- so getting it off to a great start is top priority for me!