Saturday, May 7, 2016

Magical Weddings (sometimes with a little help from the Magic Wand!) at Walt Disney World!

As some of you know, many of the wedding ceremonies I perform are at Walt Disney World -- I've been very fortunate to be on their "Officiant Resource List" for several years now, and when a couple is looking for a wedding ceremony that includes Disney references, movie quotes, or anything else Disney-related, I am more than happy to create their dream ceremony with them, and help to make their wedding ceremony as magical as the Disney surroundings!  

The couples who seek me, and my services, out are looking for a customized, personalized, one-of-a-kind experience for their wedding ceremony.  It's definitely not for everyone -- in fact, the majority of wedding ceremonies at Disney World are "standard format" ceremonies -- but for the couples who want lots of "Up" references in their ceremony -- or mention of Winnie-the-Pooh, or Cinderella, or Beauty and the Beast -- anything Disney-related -- we usually find that we're a perfect fit for each other!  

Of course, in addition to Disney references, there are so many other elements that can be included in a ceremony -- everything from movie references, to verses both serious and humorous, to the couple's "story," to creative Unity Ceremonies, such as blending two types of drinks together to create a new drink, which is shared by the couple -- wedding ceremonies are only limited by two things -- there must be "consent" by the couple that they want to be married, and "pronouncement" by me that they are married -- everything else is flexible!  

Something I've found that many Disney couples consider to be an extra-special touch is having me wish them "love and laughter, and a Happily Ever After!" as I wave my Magic Wand over their heads before pronouncing them married -- it's not only a wonderful Disney touch, but an extra-special treat, most often a surprise, for their guests!  Listen to the guests' reaction in this video when they realize that the couple is having the Magic Wand waved over their heads!

A highlight video of the Magic Wand in action!
    (Ceremony starts at approximately 2:20)

Of course, if a couple wants other Disney touches, we certainly can include those -- but the Magic Wand has truly turned into a "top request" for those wanting to include extra "magic" -- no matter what the couple's favorite subject, there's a way to fit it into their wedding ceremony!  

Star Wars references?  Of course -- there are so many different and wonderful way to include those -- from wishing the couple, "May The Force be with you!" to using quotes from the movie during their ceremony!

"Beauty and the Beast" wording was used in this ceremony!

Other wonderful Disney references in ceremonies have included quotes from "Lilo & Stitch," "Tangled," "The Little Mermaid," "Frozen," and, of course, "Up," which is a wonderful theme for marriage!  Whatever the couple would like, we can find a way to fit it in!

So, if you're having a Disney wedding, and want to put that extra touch of magic into your ceremony, talk to me about your ideas and dreams -- to borrow and modify a line from Walt Disney himself, "If you can dream it, you can do it" -- WE can do it -- make your dream ceremony a reality!

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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Never a Boring Day!

Happy New Year, Everyone!  For those reading my blog, I promise to try to blog more in 2016 -- of course, I said that in 2015, and can't say that I posted a lot -- but it's a new year!

I truly love sharing stories about the wonderful couples I work with, the amazing wedding ceremonies we create together, and the results of wedding days that are full of love, humor, touching moments, and pure joy!  If you're looking for shorter posts with photos, please be sure to "Like" my Facebook page, A Lovely Ceremony -- which has a lot of posts and photos from weddings I've officiated!

When a passion and a career combine, it's a wonderful thing!  My job is never, ever boring -- I can truly state that I never do the same wedding ceremony twice.  Yes, it takes more time to create a new ceremony for every couple that I work with -- but since each couple I work with is different, with a different story, different interests, and different desires for what they want included in their wedding ceremony, it's necessary to work with them to create a unique script that is truly "fit" to the two of them.

Of course, some themes are very popular, although the wording changes for each ceremony -- examples are Star Wars, Sci-Fi, pets, hobbies, and, of course, a couple's "story" -- other elements can include a special reading or verse that has meaning to the couple, inclusion of children or other family members in the ceremony -- the list is endless!  As we work together and get to know one another, the couples and I come up with some wonderful ideas -- many times it's they who make the unique suggestions, and not me!   

So, to end this post, I'll wish you all a wonderful 2016, filled with good health, good fortune -- and maybe a joyful wedding!

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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Thanksgiving and Gratitude.....

I could start off this blog post by apologizing for not keeping up with my blogging -- it's been six months since my last post -- but rather than that, with Thanksgiving coming up this week, I've decided to post about giving thanks for the wonderful life I've been given, and gratitude for the amazing profession that not only helps couples make their wedding ceremony dreams a reality, but brings me immense gratitude for my ability to be a part of their special day.  

Gee, that first paragraph sounds like something that could be said at an awards ceremony -- and I do feel as if I've been awarded in so many ways -- from a wonderful family, to awards from the wedding industry -- but in my career as a wedding officiant, nothing beats hearing from a couple after they're married, "Thank you -- our ceremony was exactly what we wanted it to be!"  

So, to the wonderful couples I've had the privilege and joy of working with, and to the future couples who may be reading this post -- I am thankful to YOU -- for allowing me to be a part of one of the most important days of your lives -- to entrusting me that your wedding ceremony will be meaningful and memorable -- and to getting your future off to a wonderful start!

Next blog post?  Maybe this evening -- I've got SO MANY wonderful stories to share!  Stay tuned!

Until next time.....

Yes, I've got a new profile picture!
Thanks to the wonder of laser eye surgery,
I no longer wear glasses!

Monday, May 25, 2015

Surprise, Surprise!

Yes, it's been a while since I last put up a blog post -- suffice it to say, I've been very busy!  It's all good -- since I love what I do, I'm not complaining - however, my social media output has been mostly what I can do "on the run," which are short posts on Facebook -- but today I promised myself that I'm going to post about a very special wedding from a few months ago that truly epitomizes how special and amazing a customized wedding ceremony can be!

When Brooke and Frank first contacted me about officiating at their Disney wedding, we connected instantly -- they were looking for a wedding ceremony that included stories of their love for one another, and also included lots of "Disney Magic" elements, since they were both big on Disney.  My kind of people!  We had a lot of fun working on their ceremony -- but they are both very, very busy people -- and as their special day grew closer, there was a special element that was very important to Brooke that hadn't been completed yet -- she wanted a part of their ceremony to include wording that each of them had written about what they loved about the other.  She had completed her wording, but Frank had been very busy, and hadn't completed his.  

Being considerate and thinking of Frank's feelings, Brooke understood that this was becoming stressful to him -- so she told me that we could leave this part of the ceremony out.  There were enough other wonderful elements that were already in their ceremony, and the most important thing to her was to have both of them relaxed and happy.  I could tell by her voice that she was disappointed, but was willing to compromise this part.  What a wonderful way to start a marriage -- because as anyone who has been married for a period of time can tell you, compromise and understanding is an essential element of a happy marriage!

A few days before the wedding, I got a phone call from Frank -- he realized how important it was to Brooke to have the part in the ceremony where they shared what they loved about one another -- and he had an idea!  He and Brooke had seen a sign in a gift shop that truly spoke to his feelings about Brooke -- and wanted to know if he could use that as a basis for what he loved about her. Of course, I said it could be used!  Here's what the sign says:

We spent a lot of time on the phone that afternoon as he told me details about each of these lines that explained his love for Brooke, and together we put together some wording that was just perfect!  And since Brooke had sent me the things she loved about Frank, in the hopes that they would be used, I had everything I needed to set up a wonderful surprise for her!

But wait, there's more -- as I spoke with Frank, I realized that there was a ceremony element that would add another surprise for Brooke, and include more Disney Magic -- the Major Domo making a surprise entrance with their wedding rings!  I suggested it to Frank, who had never heard of it, and his immediate response was "YES!"  Though it was only a few days until their wedding, he contacted Disney, and they worked their magic to add the Major Domo.  

Now, the stage was set......

Brooke came down the aisle, beaming, Frank held out his hand to her, and they stood in front of me with radiant faces.  

And as we went through their ceremony, the surprises began!  As I began to say the introductory words to "what they loved about one another," Brooke's face lit up with a surprised look, and then her happy tears began to flow!  Their tender, loving words about what they loved about one another were a true highlight of their ceremony!  

But the surprises for Brooke weren't over yet!  As we came to the ring exchange, I asked the ring bearer for the box holding their rings -- and as I opened it, I "noticed" that their rings were plastic!  Hmmm.....

There was a moment of confusion on everyone's faces -- how could this have happened?!  And then -- ta-da-da-da!  The trumpets sounded, the back door opened, and in walked Major Domo!

It took Brooke a moment to realize what was happening -- but when she did, she alternated between laughter and tears, and all of the guests were as surprised as she was!

Brooke and Frank also included a glass crystal blending ceremony, where they combined beautiful glass crystals into a center vase, symbolizing the blending of their lives.  The crystals were to be made into a beautiful glass bowl when they returned home, and wording was added to their ceremony to remind them to take care of the bowl, because, like marriage, it should be treated with great care so that it did not become broken or chipped.  

Their ceremony ended with a heartfelt kiss, and as they walked back down the aisle, I do believe they were floating in air!  What true ceremony magic!

And as for my delight in helping pull off not one, but two, amazing surprises that made for an unforgettable wedding ceremony -- well, this photo says it all!

I want to give a HUGE shout out to David & Vicki Arndt of Arndt Photography for their AMAZING wedding photography, and for sharing these photos with me so that I could share them with you -- they caught all of the most important moments so perfectly!  They're the best! 

Until next time........

Saturday, February 28, 2015

But How to Clone Myself........?!

I can't believe how long it's been since I last posted -- it's certainly not because I haven't been busy!  In fact, that's the exact reason I haven't been posting on my blog -- thankfully, I've been so busy with wonderful couples and unique wedding ceremonies that there aren't enough hours in the day for me to do everything!  Therefore, dear readers, for now, I'm going to direct you to one of my two Facebook pages to keep up with my adventures -- yes, I have two Facebook pages under "A Lovely Ceremony," but that's a story for another blog post!  Here are the page links -- please "like" both, and hopefully you'll see my posts when they're done!   or

By checking my Facebook page, you'll be able to read about the incredible couples I work with, the fun we have creating their unique ceremony, and the amazing results on their wedding day!  

I've said it before, and I'll say it again -- I LOVE what I do!

See you on Facebook!

Until next time...

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A Magical, Movie-gal, Ceremony!

Happy October!  It's "Wedding Season" here in Florida, when the weather finally cools down, the torrential rains pretty much stop, and ceremonies can be held both outdoors and indoors!

I've got lots and lots of ceremonies this month, so this will be a short post -- but I just had to share a wonderful highlight video from Ingrid & Dwayne's amazingly beautiful ceremony at Disney's Wedding Pavilion in August!  Their ceremony had so many magical, personal touches that I'd have to post the entire ceremony for you to see them all -- but in respect for their privacy and the sanctity of their vows to each other, I'm just posting the highlights, so that you can see how a customized wedding ceremony is much different from a "typical" ceremony!

Ingrid and Dwayne are huge movie fans -- so listen carefully for the many movie references in their ceremony wording -- and watch their faces beam as those words are read!  Many of their guests may have thought that these were just ceremony words -- but they were much more!  And that's my goal as an officiant -- for your guests to enjoy your wedding ceremony, but for it to be truly special and meaningful for the two of you!  

Ingrid & Dwayne's Magical, Movie-gal, Wedding Ceremony

A special thanks to Bill Carnicelli of Unity Event Videography for this highlight video -- if you're looking for a wonderful videographer who's also an all-around great person, he's the one!  Here's a link to his website:  Unity Event Videography

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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Magical Weddings All Around!

Oh, goodness -- I have been SO neglect in my blogging!  For those of you who are following me, I haven't dropped off the face of the earth -- there have been so many things happening in the past few months that blogging has been moved to the side shelf -- yep, it's full of dust, but I'm hoping to finish this post to let you know what's been happening!

First of all, and something VERY exciting, is the fact that I've become a "Preferred Officiant" for Disney Fairy Tale Weddings!  It's something I've been working on since 2007, and to have my name added to the list of other wonderful officiants is such an honor!  Not to mention, of course, the opportunity to work with couples who want to have the Disney Magic included in their wedding celebrations -- it's added a new layer of creativity to what I've been doing for the past thirty-seven years!  No job boredom for me, for sure!  

So, to catch you up with some of the amazing weddings I've officiated in the past several months, I'll start off with the amazing wedding of Ingrid and Dwayne, at the crown jewel of Disney properties -- The Wedding Pavilion!  

This is the entrance to The Wedding Pavilion
and also where the couple can exit to
flower petals or bubbles!
The inside of The Wedding Pavilion
can be decorated in so many
different ways, to suit the couple!

Ingrid and Dwayne are not only huge Disney people, but they also love movies -- so we incorporated both of those elements into their ceremony.  Much of the wording in their ceremony included Disney references and lines from movies that fit perfectly, and that only the two of them realized -- watching their eyes twinkling, and their smiles at each other as each of the phrases was used, was truly magical!  As they faced their guests after being pronounced husband and wife, they practically floated back down the aisle!

Presenting -- the new Mr. and Mrs!
What an exciting moment!

Disney weddings aren't the only ones that are magical -- Nicole & Adam's wedding at the amazingly unique Gallery J in Winter Springs was Rock 'n Roll Magic!  From the processional music by Def Leppard (everyone danced down the aisle, including me!), to references to The Hobbit, to the gigantic plastic 
diamond ring that Adam presented to Nicole, there wasn't a dull moment! 

Yes, I danced down the aisle!

Adam presented Nicole with a GIANT plastic diamond ring,
which got a huge laugh from everyone!

Guy and Michelle had a unique ceremony at the Orlando Science Center in May -- their ceremony began with a most unusual and whimsical reading, "The Lovely Dinosaur," which got things off to a great start!  And since they're both big on cooking wonderful vegan dishes together, they included a Pepper-Blending ceremony, which included green and beige peppers, their wedding colors.  

All of us laughed during "The Lovely Dinosaur" reading!

The Pepper Blending Ceremony was truly unique!

And for the last wedding in this post, Allison & Jarrod had an amazing, fun ceremony at Timacuan Country Club in Lake Mary.  To choose their two marriage license witnesses, they tossed two roses into where the guests were seated -- and the two guests who caught the flowers were the ones to sign their marriage license!  Their great senses of humor added so many wonderful touches to their ceremony -- and since Allison loves selfies, of course they included a giant Wedding Selfie!  What fun!

With all of these wonderful weddings (there are many more, but I don't want this to be a book, so I'll share more later!), I'm going to end my post on a personal note -- my wonderful husband, Ron, and I celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary in May.  We took a dream cruise to Northern Europe and had a wonderful time!  I guess that's why I love weddings so much -- I'm a big believer in marriage, and so blessed with a wonderful husband!

We had a special dinner on board our cruise ship!

Okay, I'm going to try (not promise) that I'll blog more often in the future -- there are just SO many wonderful weddings to share!  Stay tuned, and stay well!

Until next time....

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