Saturday, September 13, 2014

Magical Weddings All Around!

Oh, goodness -- I have been SO neglect in my blogging!  For those of you who are following me, I haven't dropped off the face of the earth -- there have been so many things happening in the past few months that blogging has been moved to the side shelf -- yep, it's full of dust, but I'm hoping to finish this post to let you know what's been happening!

First of all, and something VERY exciting, is the fact that I've become a "Preferred Officiant" for Disney Fairy Tale Weddings!  It's something I've been working on since 2007, and to have my name added to the list of other wonderful officiants is such an honor!  Not to mention, of course, the opportunity to work with couples who want to have the Disney Magic included in their wedding celebrations -- it's added a new layer of creativity to what I've been doing for the past thirty-seven years!  No job boredom for me, for sure!  

So, to catch you up with some of the amazing weddings I've officiated in the past several months, I'll start off with the amazing wedding of Ingrid and Dwayne, at the crown jewel of Disney properties -- The Wedding Pavilion!  

This is the entrance to The Wedding Pavilion
and also where the couple can exit to
flower petals or bubbles!
The inside of The Wedding Pavilion
can be decorated in so many
different ways, to suit the couple!

Ingrid and Dwayne are not only huge Disney people, but they also love movies -- so we incorporated both of those elements into their ceremony.  Much of the wording in their ceremony included Disney references and lines from movies that fit perfectly, and that only the two of them realized -- watching their eyes twinkling, and their smiles at each other as each of the phrases was used, was truly magical!  As they faced their guests after being pronounced husband and wife, they practically floated back down the aisle!

Presenting -- the new Mr. and Mrs!
What an exciting moment!

Disney weddings aren't the only ones that are magical -- Nicole & Adam's wedding at the amazingly unique Gallery J in Winter Springs was Rock 'n Roll Magic!  From the processional music by Def Leppard (everyone danced down the aisle, including me!), to references to The Hobbit, to the gigantic plastic 
diamond ring that Adam presented to Nicole, there wasn't a dull moment! 

Yes, I danced down the aisle!

Adam presented Nicole with a GIANT plastic diamond ring,
which got a huge laugh from everyone!

Guy and Michelle had a unique ceremony at the Orlando Science Center in May -- their ceremony began with a most unusual and whimsical reading, "The Lovely Dinosaur," which got things off to a great start!  And since they're both big on cooking wonderful vegan dishes together, they included a Pepper-Blending ceremony, which included green and beige peppers, their wedding colors.  

All of us laughed during "The Lovely Dinosaur" reading!

The Pepper Blending Ceremony was truly unique!

And for the last wedding in this post, Allison & Jarrod had an amazing, fun ceremony at Timacuan Country Club in Lake Mary.  To choose their two marriage license witnesses, they tossed two roses into where the guests were seated -- and the two guests who caught the flowers were the ones to sign their marriage license!  Their great senses of humor added so many wonderful touches to their ceremony -- and since Allison loves selfies, of course they included a giant Wedding Selfie!  What fun!

With all of these wonderful weddings (there are many more, but I don't want this to be a book, so I'll share more later!), I'm going to end my post on a personal note -- my wonderful husband, Ron, and I celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary in May.  We took a dream cruise to Northern Europe and had a wonderful time!  I guess that's why I love weddings so much -- I'm a big believer in marriage, and so blessed with a wonderful husband!

We had a special dinner on board our cruise ship!

Okay, I'm going to try (not promise) that I'll blog more often in the future -- there are just SO many wonderful weddings to share!  Stay tuned, and stay well!

Until next time....

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A Lovely Ceremony
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