Saturday, November 2, 2013

Hobbits, Puns, Alligators and Mosquitoes!

When I meet with a new couple for the first time, after getting to know them and hearing about their wedding plans, my question to them is:  "Have you thought about what you'd like to have in your wedding ceremony?"  

Meeting with Carla and Matt, their answer was "something with Hobbit references and references to light; that includes our family, who are very important to us; and humor and puns."  Right up my creative alley!

Working on their ceremony, which was held under the beautiful arch at Kraft Azalea Garden in Winter Park, became a fun-filled process, because they were really involved in the construction of their ceremony -- their creativity and ideas made for a ceremony that was truly, uniquely theirs!  

As their ceremony began, Karla walked down the walkway to the beautiful arch where their ceremony took place....

Karla and her father walking in...

He gave her a sweet kiss....

And Matt watched, with happy
tears in his eyes!
They included a ring-warming ceremony, which gave each family member a chance to make a wish or blessing on their rings....

And then the fun, and puns, and gentle humor, began! 

One example?  I asked Carla if she was ready to step into the circle of "Matt-rimony," and then I asked Matt if he was ready to step into the circle of "Carla-trimony!" 

But my favorite humorous section of their ceremony was this:

"Before embarking on a great adventure, famous hobbit Bilbo Baggins once said: 'I should like to know about risks, out-of-pocket expenses, time required and remuneration, and so forth' -- by which he meant: What am I going to get out of it?  And am I going to come back alive?

Wow, what a great comparison -- the adventure of marriage is one of the greatest risks of all!  Out of pocket expenses: everything you have.  Time required: the rest of your lives.  Remuneration: no monetary gain is guaranteed.  But what are you going to get out of it?  The reward of a life filled with love and joy, the creation of a new family, an everlasting light to illuminate your days.  And will you get out alive?  Well, that may depend on how many times Carla has to ask Matt to turn off Grand Theft Auto 5 on their honeymoon!" 

Carla and Matt's vows to each other included both humor and touching elements -- and as I pronounced them husband and wife, I did so with not only the authority of the State of Florida, but also the alligators, mosquitoes, and Republicans that govern the state!

A dip for the kiss!

Thank you, Carla and Matt -- I can guarantee you that there won't be another wedding ceremony like yours -- which is exactly why I always say that I love what I do!

Carla & Matt's ceremony
was held behind the pillars,
close to the water.

And a huge "Thank You!" to the wonderful husband-and-wife team of Conan & Yaisa Segrest of for sharing these beautifully amazing photos!  

Until next time...