Thursday, March 28, 2013

I must... I must... I must...

Okay, I said I was going to post more often, and have I done it?  No, I haven't!  Today I said to myself, "Self, you ARE going to sit down and post to your blog today!"

The reason for my fit of conscience, you ask?  Well, yesterday as I met with a wonderful couple who are getting married in May, and I asked them how they found me, the groom said that he had seen a photo of a bride in a beautiful red gown, and had read that their ceremony included a Wiccan "Blessing of the Directions" -- and he said that he knew then that I was the kind of creative officiant they were looking for!  Where did he see that?  On my blog!  And when did I create that post -- my most recent one, by the way?  Back in January!  

So, here I am with a short, but sweet, post about a couple of weddings that highlight what's been going on since my last post.

Caitlin and Thomas' wedding at the Reunion Resort close to Disney, just a few weeks ago, was one of the most beautiful ceremonies I've ever officiated.  He looked so handsome in his white tux jacket, and her gorgeous gown and soft pink sash coordinated with her bridesmaids' dresses and flowers.  But the real highlight of their ceremony was Thomas' emotion -- his tears flowed as he looked at his beautiful bride, and I guess the photographer must have caught my look as I suddenly realized that I needed to grab a tissue from my book to give to him!

I'm not sure if all their guests saw what happened, but it was truly a touching moment!

Last weekend's wedding of Teri and Anthony was held at the Longwood Community Center, a beautiful venue that has an outdoor gazebo for ceremonies, with a large front lawn for guests.  Thankfully, they had arranged to have their formal photos taken prior to their ceremony.

As their ceremony time approached, the clouds began to get more threatening -- and wouldn't you know it, five minutes into their ceremony, the rains came down!  Thankfully, the Community Center is an Old-Florida style building that has a large, wrap-around porch, so the guests scrambled up and assembled on the porch, as the ceremony continued.  I was able to make room for the photographer at the front of the gazebo, and everything turned out perfectly!  

After the ceremony, I found out an incredible piece of information -- when the bride's parents got married almost 40 years ago, it also rained just a few minutes into their ceremony!  I guess it was meant to be!

Well, this post has turned out to be not so short -- but I'm really going to try to post more often, since there are going to be some incredibly creative and fun ceremonies coming up!  I'm also working on many ceremonies for the fall that will be unique -- so stay tuned!