Thursday, November 15, 2012

I Wanna Hold Your Hands!

Fall is certainly a very busy time for anyone connected with weddings, including me!  I must admit, it's not only my favorite season, but also the best time (in my opinion) for a wedding in Central Florida!  

Right now, on Facebook, Pinterest, and all of the social networking sites, there are so many photos of wedding ceremonies, and I enjoy looking at each and every one of them.  As I looked at the most recent photos, I noticed something that I thought was blog-worthy -- hence, the subject of my posting today!  

One of the things that I feel is essential during a wedding ceremony is that the bride and groom feel very connected - after all, this is the very moment when they're being joined in marriage!   How do you make sure that they make this connection?  

There are two ways in which I assure that a couple's attention is focused on each other -- first of all, prior to their ceremony, when I speak with them, I remind them to look at, and focus on, each other, not on me, while words are being spoken -- to allow my voice to be their guide, but to concentrate on each other.  This is their special moment in time -- and it's something to be shared with each other and cherished!

Second, once their ceremony begins, I ask them to face each other and to join their hands.  This completes the connection!

Now, I realize that usually a bride has a beautiful bouquet -- and those flowers, of course, should be on display while she's walking down the aisle -- and, of course, back up the aisle when she's walking with her new husband.  BUT -- during the ceremony -- as pretty as they may be, the flowers are decoration -- the couple, and their focus on each other, should be where the attention is paid!

So, hand off those flowers -- and savor the sweetness of your ceremony by doing something that hopefully you'll do for your entire married life -- hold hands!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Wow, what a wonderful month!

It's hard to believe how fast October flew by -- what a busy month!  When the weather starts to cool down here in Central Florida, couples plan outdoor weddings, and I, as an officiant, get busy with creating amazingly different ceremonies for each of them!

If I wrote about all of the ceremonies I performed in October, this blog post would go on and on -- so here are some of the highlights!

I must say, my absolute favorite was Jackie & Chris' amazing ceremony at Disney's Grand Floridian Hotel.  Each couple I work with is different, but this wonderful couple was truly one-of-a-kind!  Their ceremony included a verse about love being like a roller coaster (since they're roller coaster nuts), along with a Haunted Mansion ringbox (they got engaged while riding through the Haunted Mansion), a Dr. Seuss verse -- you get the idea!  And Jackie's dress -- amazing!  Her flowers, and Chris' boutonniere, had Haunted Mansion keys in them!

Carmen & Aaron's ceremony was held in their beautiful back yard, and the atmosphere was laid-back and happy --due in part to the beer that Aaron hand-brewed for the occasion!  (I had a small sip of the light beer, and it was delicious!)

One of the most dramatic entrances ever, occurred at a wedding at The Duncan House in Tavares -- Miranda & Brian arrived by seaplane!  

Other ceremonies in October included the Lake Mary Events Center wedding of Jamie and Joe -- the Lake Mary Marriott wedding of Evelyn and Marcos, which included a guest who was a dead-ringer for Lionel Richie -- the 25-year vow renewal of Fiona & Brian, who flew in from England with lots of family members who participated in the ceremony (lots of fun and so touching!), an elopement for a wonderful couple from Ireland, a beach ceremony, and a Gemini Springs wedding.  It was a busy month, indeed! 

Each ceremony different -- each ceremony wonderful -- I wish every single couple a lifetime of good health and happiness together!