Monday, May 2, 2011

A Most Unusual Wedding Decoration!

I've said it before, and I'll say it again -- I LOVE what I do!  One of the reasons I love officiating at weddings is that each one is different.  I work with each couple to make sure that their ceremony is a reflection of them and their relationship, and that the words that are said as they are married are what THEY want to hear.  
Over the weekend, I officiated at a large wedding at the Westin Lake Mary, a beautiful hotel in Lake Mary, Florida.  A few days before the wedding, I went to the venue to meet with the event manager, Missie.  We talked about the ceremony arrangements, and then she asked me if I had seen the beaver yet.  My reaction, of course, was, "What beaver???"  
I thought that the bride, groom and I had pretty much talked about what made their engagement and wedding unusual -- for example, he had proposed to her while they were scalloping, and had hidden her ring in a scallop shell, which he "conveniently" had her find -- 

 -- but no, there was more -- the bride's family had a stuffed beaver (courtesy of an uncle) that "attended" all family gatherings, dressed appropriately for each occasion -- for example, for Christmas, he was dressed up with a Santa Claus outfit -- you get the idea!  Well, for the wedding, you guessed it -- the beaver was all decked out like a bride -- veil, pearls, bouquet, and even a garter!  
In 34 years of officiating at weddings, this was a first!
On the day of the wedding, the beaver had a place of honor as the guests came in the door.
 It also pointed the way to the ceremony ("I Do") and to the reception "We Did." 
With the blessing of the bride and groom, I began their ceremony, and welcomed their guests on behalf of "Cory, Monica, and The Beaver."  It got a laugh from their guests, and the ceremony proceeded beautifully.
Congratulations, Cory and Monica!  May you share many more laughs in the future!