Monday, March 17, 2014

Hitting the Target!

Oh, how I love what I do -- working with couples on their wedding ceremonies is always interesting, because each couple has their own story of how they met, how they realized they loved each other, how they decided that they wanted to be married, and how, of course, they want their ceremony to be -- no two are ever alike!  

Kimmy and Adam had a particularly funny story -- they knew each other in high school -- and although they didn't date, they had a lot of mutual friends. Fast forward to six years later, and as both of them were getting into their cars at Target, they looked across the parking lot and recognized each other -- but Kimmy didn't want Adam to see her, because she was very casually dressed and didn't think she looked "presentable" -- and Adam didn't want to see Kimmy because he was in a hurry!  

Well, as fate would have it, they got into their cars, and as both of them looked up at the same time to make sure the other was gone, their eyes locked -- there was no way they could ignore the other -- and the rest is history!  

Naturally, we HAD to include the Target story in their ceremony -- and as I held the rings, I made a joke about the fact that I was surprised they weren't red, which made everyone laugh.  But that wasn't the only surprise in their ceremony!

On my way to the ceremony, I got a frantic call from Kimmy's Maid of Honor, who asked me whether the marriage license could be signed the next day -- unusual request -- yep, the license had been left at Kimmy's mother's house, about an hour from where the ceremony was taking place -- and it was rush hour!  

Well, the only way I can pronounce a couple husband and wife at the end of a ceremony is if I see that they have a valid marriage license -- and Kimmy and Adam certainly didn't want to be pronounced anything else but husband and wife -- so I put on my thinking cap and thought out of the box -- and it came to me!  When the person who went to pick up the license arrived at Kimmy's mother's house, I had him take a picture of the license with his phone -- was able to verify the license was valid -- and although the ceremony ran a few minutes late, things were able to proceed!  What a relief!

But wait, the story's not over yet!  Kimmy and Adam's ceremony was held at the Winter Park Farmer's Market, a wonderful venue that has a great covered open porch where ceremonies are held.  The location of the venue is in a beautiful area -- but also right next door to railroad tracks.  And yep, just as Adam started to say his vows, the warning bells began to clang, the gates went down...

...and down the tracks came the SunRail train, which is currently undergoing testing before it begins to make runs!  

Well, thankfully both Kimmy and Adam have great senses of humor, and their guests were wonderful as well -- rather than the noise creating a bad situation, it turned into something that everyone laughed about.  Adam stopped talking until the train passed and finished his vows.  Then Kimmy began hers...

...and, once again, the bells began to clang and the gates went down -- and back down the tracks came the SunRail train, which had turned around!

Well, I don't have to tell you how hard everyone laughed -- and when Kimmy finished her vows, I made a joke about how I'd better finish up their ceremony and pronounce them husband and wife before we were interrupted again!  It brought down the house!

Thankfully there were no more trains, and Kimmy and Adam were pronounced husband and wife, to thunderous applause and cheering -- even louder than the train!

And the marriage license?  It arrived right after the ceremony -- so all ended well!

Congratulations, Kimmy & Adam -- the two of you are going to have a laugh-filled life together, and you'll always stay on Target!

And as an added treat, I'm adding a few photos from their gorgeous reception setup -- the Winter Park Farmer's Market is an amazing place!

Kimmy's bouquet was gorgeous!

Their cake was adorable!

The Winter Park Farner's Market
allows you to create your own seating space!

What a cute Sweetheart Table!

Until next time ...