Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I've been Podcasted!

Last October, I officiated at one of the most creative, fun, amazing ceremonies ever -- Jackie and Chris were married in  a Disney "Memories" ceremony at Disney's Grand Floridian Hotel.  We had SO much fun working on their ceremony, which included a verse about love being like a roller coaster (since they're both roller coaster nuts), along with references to the Haunted Mansion, where they had gotten engaged. Little did I know that Jackie's love of Disney would one day lead me to be interviewed for the Disney Wedding Podcast!
Don't you just LOVE Jackie's dress and flowers?
There was a Haunted Mansion charm in the middle!

With their wedding being so unique, Jackie was interviewed by Carrie Hayward of the Disney Wedding Podcast, and one of the questions was about her ceremony -- which, thanks to her glowing review, led to Carrie seeking me out for an interview about not just Disney Weddings, but also questions about how to choose an officiant and make a ceremony unique.

Well, I certainly consider these two points of highest importance when it comes to a couple's wedding, so I was honored and happy to speak with her -- and here's the link!

Do I sound excited to be able to talk about my passion for officiating one-of-a-kind wedding ceremonies?  To borrow a Midwest expression --
"You Betcha!"

I'll say it every time -- I just LOVE what I do!  Being able to make a couple's wedding ceremony unique and memorable is an honor and a pleasure!