Thursday, December 13, 2012


What a magical day 12-12-12 turned out to be!  So many couples decided to get married on this numerically-lucky day, and I was honored to officiate at one of the best (if I do say so myself!) and most love-filled ceremonies ever!

Nadia and Marcell met when she was only 14, and he was 18 -- she had a crush on him, but at that time their 4-year age difference was too much for anything to ever develop.  Well, their love was meant to be, because ten years later their paths crossed again, and love blossomed! 

December 12th arrived, and the weather prediction was for thunderstorms, but the weather held out for their beautiful outdoor ceremony on the dock at Gemini Springs, which included a "Mother's Kiss" and heartfelt vows.  Their faces were just glowing!

The two of them are truly a match made in heaven, and one of the sweetest couples I've ever worked with!  Even if they hadn't been married on a lucky date, I know that they will have a wonderful marriage!

Congratulations, Nadia and Marcell -- you're going to share a wonderful life together!

And "thank you" to Celeste
Sheaffer of Celeste's Photography for these great

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Weddings, Weddings Everywhere!

Wow, this Fall has been really busy with outdoor weddings!  We are blessed in Central Florida with so many beautiful spots for wedding ceremonies, and in the Fall, the weather is just perfect!

Some of my favorite wedding ceremonies this fall were held in the lovely outdoors -- as we get ready to go into Winter, here's a mini-review of some favorites!

Aaron & Carmen had a backyard wedding that included home-brewed beer (two varieties!) and wonderful, creative table settings, each table different -- the vibe at their ceremony was laid-back and happy!

I had a sip of St. Rogge's Saison, and it was delicious!

Carmen is a crafter, and did the decorating herself!

Jordan & Tuesday were married on Flagler Beach, and although it was a bit on the warm side, there was a lovely breeze!  They included a Sand Ceremony, which is always great for a beach wedding.

One of the coolest, most creative weddings I've ever officiated was Jackie & Chris' wedding at Disney's Grand Floridian Hotel.  Their ceremony included a verse about roller coasters, references to The Haunted Mansion (where they got engaged), a Dr. Seuss verse -- and Jackie's dress and bouquet were AMAZING!  What a fun, fun couple!

Jackie's roses were a special type that
had black edges -- and in the middle of
her bouquet was a Haunted Mansion key!
Chris also had a Haunted Mansion key in
his boutonniere!

Check out this super-cool photo taken
by the Haunted Mansion!

Have you ever heard of a bride & groom arriving by seaplane?  Miranda & Brian did exactly that, at The Duncan House in Tavares!  The venue is on a lake, and the house itself is such a perfect place for a wedding!  Their ceremony included both tradition and humor.  I fell in love with Miranda's father -- what a cutie!  

Thankfully, the weather cleared so that they
could arrive by seaplane!

Miranda made her beautiful bouquet
out of brooches and pins!

Not only was Miranda's father a cutup,
but his English accent was charming!

 Timi & Dave had a beautiful ceremony at Harmony Gardens in DeLeon Springs.  They decorated their ceremony space with white origami birds, and it was such a unique touch!  Their ceremony was full of humor and references to the fact that they were finally tying the knot after 13 years together.

I believe this was the part where I said that
their lengthy courtship was finally coming
to an end!

Not all weddings are formal affairs -- sometimes the most heartfelt ceremonies are the ones that are more casual and simple!  Lucus and Allison were married on the dock at Airport Lakes Park in Orlando -- I had to stop the ceremony twice while planes flew over, but that only added to the happy atmosphere!

Yes, that's a plane in the background!   

Well, this post has certainly turned into a long one!  I'll close with a photo and a funny story about Catherine & Ryan's wedding at the Lake Mary Events Center.  They had written their own vows, and were keeping them a secret from each other --but I found out the day of the wedding that his vows were very serious, and hers were of a much lighter nature, including a reference to a certain body function that's humorous, but certainly not serious!  My dilemma was whether to tell her that there was going to be a big difference in the wording of their vows to each other.  After much hand-wringing, I decided to let her know.  Imagine my relief when she told me that she had already informed her groom that she would be including humorous references in her vows, including the one I was really concerned about -- and that he was absolutely fine with it!  Their ceremony went wonderfully -- including a tear-producing verse written and read by the bride's mother -- and when it came time for the vows, everyone had a great laugh!  It was almost as if the wording was expected -- the bride is known for her offbeat humor!      
And yes, the groom is VERY tall!

There are more Fall weddings that I could write about, but I'll close for now by saying this -- each ceremony I perform is different -- but all of them are customized to the bride and groom, and every single one is a joyful event!  Yep, I've said it before, and I'll say it again -- I just LOVE what I do!

I'm planning my next post around Disney, and Disney-area, weddings -- stay tuned!

Happy Holidays to all!