Sunday, August 19, 2012

Lovely Weekend Weddings!

This weekend should be called "Short-Notice Wedding Weekend!"
For the most part, the couples I marry book me well in advance, but this weekend brought me two weddings with only a few days' notice for each.  Of course, even with short notice, I spoke with each couple to get to know them, so that I could add personal touches to their ceremonies. 

Rita & Mike had originally planned to marry this past December, but due to a death in Mike's family, their plans had to be postponed.  When Rita re-contacted me, and asked me if I was available in just a few days, I was happy to accomodate her.  She and Mike were married in the early morning at beautiful Gemini Springs -- just me and the two of them -- and their wedding was one of the most touching I've ever done!  They were both so thrilled to finally get married -- and as she put his ring on his finger, she leaned down and kissed his ring and his hand.  I must say, I got a little misty-eyed! 

Ampai and Jacob got married in the afternoon, and thankfully had an indoor wedding.  It was small and intimate -- a few friends and family -- who had decorated their home beautifully for the ceremony.  Their radiant faces were a joy to behold!

My thoughts for this post?  Whether you're having a well-planned-in-advance wedding, or something small and simple, what's most important is that you're getting married to someone you truly love, and who loves you.  One size wedding and ceremony does NOT fit all!


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