Thursday, November 15, 2012

I Wanna Hold Your Hands!

Fall is certainly a very busy time for anyone connected with weddings, including me!  I must admit, it's not only my favorite season, but also the best time (in my opinion) for a wedding in Central Florida!  

Right now, on Facebook, Pinterest, and all of the social networking sites, there are so many photos of wedding ceremonies, and I enjoy looking at each and every one of them.  As I looked at the most recent photos, I noticed something that I thought was blog-worthy -- hence, the subject of my posting today!  

One of the things that I feel is essential during a wedding ceremony is that the bride and groom feel very connected - after all, this is the very moment when they're being joined in marriage!   How do you make sure that they make this connection?  

There are two ways in which I assure that a couple's attention is focused on each other -- first of all, prior to their ceremony, when I speak with them, I remind them to look at, and focus on, each other, not on me, while words are being spoken -- to allow my voice to be their guide, but to concentrate on each other.  This is their special moment in time -- and it's something to be shared with each other and cherished!

Second, once their ceremony begins, I ask them to face each other and to join their hands.  This completes the connection!

Now, I realize that usually a bride has a beautiful bouquet -- and those flowers, of course, should be on display while she's walking down the aisle -- and, of course, back up the aisle when she's walking with her new husband.  BUT -- during the ceremony -- as pretty as they may be, the flowers are decoration -- the couple, and their focus on each other, should be where the attention is paid!

So, hand off those flowers -- and savor the sweetness of your ceremony by doing something that hopefully you'll do for your entire married life -- hold hands!

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